Why it’s Important to Change Your Oil

Routine maintenance is pesky and can sometimes get in the way of the more exciting things in life like spontaneous road trips—but it is still the most important thing you can do for your car. Something like changing the oil can cost you thirty or forty bucks but it can save you a bundle in the long run. In the end, there are many reasons why you need to change your oil on a routine basis.

Car breakdown oil change

She’d be even happier if she knew how important it was to change your oil before problems happen.

Simply put, oil is a lubricant that keeps the metal pieces of a car’s engine from mashing themselves to non-working bits. A car’s engine tends to get hot, but oil carries some of the heat away, allowing the engine to run normally. When oil isn’t replaced, it stops lubricating and carrying heat away. This can cause your car to have some significant, costly issues.

If the oil isn’t changed, the pistons could seize up, the camshafts could be damaged, or carbon and sludge build up could cost you a bundle in an engine cleaning. Replacing piston rings alone is something we wouldn’t wish on any car owner, let alone the pistons themselves. Take the cheap way out – get an oil change.

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Subaru Impreza Sport Hybrid Hits Japan

2015 Subaru Impreza

The Impreza is getting the hybrid treatment in Japan, with plans to eventually bring a similar line state-side.

Subaru is looking at the greener side of life as the trend of fuel-efficient technology in Japan continues to rise. The Subaru Impreza Sport Hybrid officially joined the lineup in the Japanese market on July 10. The gas-electric model is the second hybrid offered in Subaru’s Japanese lineup.

While Subaru won’t be selling the Impreza Hybrid in North American any time soon, we’re hoping that this will change. In Subaru’s Japanese market, though, things are looking good for the automaker, which plans to sell 6,000 Impreza Sport Hybrids per year in Japan alone.

Sharing an electric all-wheel drive powertrain with the Subaru XV Hybrid, the Impreza Hybrid will help improve fuel efficiency across the brand’s lineup. The Impreza and XV hybrid models both get about 48 mpg, although the Japanese equivalent isn’t equal to an official United States EPA rating.

Starting next year Subaru plans to convert its gasoline engines to direct injection. By 2020, Subaru is scheduled to add cylinder deactivation and lean combustion cycles to further improve fuel economy.

Subaru currently sells the XV Crosstrek Hybrid in North America. A plug-in hybrid is also in the works, but won’t reach North American shores in 2018.