Back to School Driving Tips

Back to school driving tipsWhen summer starts to turn to fall, the kids go back to school. You want to make sure you’re safe on the road when school’s back in session. Here are some back to school driving tips.

School Buses. Remember, it’s the law to stop for school buses, but don’t just stop when they put out their big STOP sign. Yield to them when they’re trying to merge and increase your following distance.

School Zones. Speed limits in school zones are typically between 15 and 25 miles per hour. Remember that you only have to decrease to this speed when the lights on the school zone signs are flashing. Be careful in general when driving through school zones because kids can be around when the lights aren’t flashing.

Seatbelts. If you’re a parent responsible for carpooling during the year, make sure that you’re practicing safe driving skills and make sure that everyone is buckled up.

Teen Drivers. Keep a special eye out for teen drivers in school areas. Since they’re driving for the first time and are likely excited about it, you’ll have to be especially cautious when driving around them.

Steve Lewis

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