Subaru’s 50th Anniversary Celebrated in a Big Way

Subaru Lineup - 50th Anniversary

In 1968, a little-known automaker started selling cars in the United States. That automaker was Subaru. Now, in 2018, Subaru’s 50th anniversary celebrates all the achievements of the past five decades.

The very first American Subaru was called the 360 and was a pint-sized microcar, standing out for its quirky styling. Over the next few decades, the brand made its way through some struggles to become the success that it is today.

Tom Doll, the current president of Subaru of America told Automotive News, “A lot of us at Subaru have been around for a long time. We’ve seen ups and downs. We’ve learned what not to do, and we’ve learned what works for us.”

Doll has been working with Subaru since 1982 and seen its good years and bad years, from overstocked inventories and struggling sales to the success of the best year of U.S. sales in 2017.

Once you have owned a Subaru, you realize the joy that it brings to your life. Your Subaru quickly becomes more than just a car. In fact, you might just realize you love your Subaru and wouldn’t want to drive anything else, which is why, here at Steve Lewis Subaru, we are super excited to be a part of this milestone anniversary celebration.

Subaru Drivers Have 1-2 Victory at Oregon Trail Rally

OTR7Subaru has once again shown it is the king of rally driving. At the Oregon Trail Rally, Subaru drivers David Higgins and Travis Pastrana took home a 1-2 victory. Higgins won the rally just a few seconds ahead of Pastrana. This was his sixth consecutive win at the Oregon Trail.

Both Higgins and Pastrana each won eight stages of the race, meaning the winner of the final stage would take home the prize.

“This is what sport should be, big battles, very close,” stated Higgins, in a statement. “This was a very spectacular rally with three very different days. It shows what a good car we have with our Subaru WRX STI being able to adapt to three different rallies in one event and we didn’t have to change anything; so I’m very, very happy with the team and the car.”

Higgins is the defending 2015 Rally America Champion. He and his co-driver Craig Drew will compete in round four for the 2016 Rally America Championship May 14-15 near Shelton, Washington at Olympus Rally. Then, he and Pastrana will compete again at STPR rally June 4-6 in Westboro, Pennsylvania.

Are you rally fan? Who is your favorite Subaru rally driver?